We provide consultation when a property is under development. In defining the concept and programme, and when the project is in process at the municipality. Projects are organised and financed, structures and strategies decided, before implementation.

We provide support for the choices that are essential for creating value. Throughout all phases of the project until the ribbon's cut. And preferably later as well, whether values are to be realised or further developed. We can also assist in the change of ownership.

Decisions must be made on the right basis and at the right time. This way you reduce risk and increase the chance that the project will come to life in a way that adds value.

We sit on the client-side of the table and have no interest other than to assist you in the best possible way. We have no ties that stand in the way of making the best choices for the project's strategy. It's often the case that asking the right questions is more important than being able to answer them.

We have the knowledge and integrity that our clients can benefit from. This includes choosing advisors or suppliers, contractors or partners. Our experience is that expertise, networks and good core values facilitate added value.

We're a member of Norwegian Property Federation and Oslo Metropolitan Arena. Furthermore, we've signed Bygg21's guidelines for best practice.

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